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If you are planning an important event or meeting that needs catering, Stone Hearth Café and Catering is perfect for the job.  We’re proud to use locally sourced products whenever possible.


Whether you need catering services for a family gathering, in-house meeting or big corporate event, Stone Hearth Café and Catering can help meet your needs.


One of the most important aspects of any event is the food. Let us help you serve up a delicious meal to your guests. We want to change the way you think about catering!

Kindly have a look at our Catering Menu before proceeding with your order.

*Items ordered from our catering menu are not kosher.

New Menu coming soon 🙂

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Stone Hearth Café and Catering

Lower Level, Carpenters and Millwright College

1000 Sackville Drive, Sackville, NS  B4E 0C2

Phone: (902) 252-3435

Email Chef Sean Peck: Catering@mymetroworks.ca

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Our Participants are saying...

"My experience at Stone Hearth is very good because they teach you the skills you need to work in a regular job. I have done many different jobs in this place and as an employee at Stone Hearth I have experienced lots of things. Most of all my time here has been lots of fun it also has its ups and downs as well but everybody gets along.

The place as a whole is a training facility which means a whole lot to different people and for all walks of life. Without this program me and many others would not have the opportunity to get the experience we need to enable themselves to employment.

They in part are helpful in certain parts of the activity within the training facility. In conclusion I would hope that the skill I learned here will provide the training I need."

Shelly, Stone Hearth Participant

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