The following bread products are currently available:


Strawberry Shortcake



Cheesecakes: (mini, 8″, 10″)

Blueberry Cassis

Cherry Amaretto

Cherry Lemon

Chocolate Brownie Truffle

Chocolate Peanut Butter Paradise

Chocolate Swirl

Coconut Cream Suprem

Espresso Macaroon


Lemon Dream

New York

Rasberry While Chocolate


Triple Belgium Chocolate Ecstasy



Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Macaroons

Coconut Oatmeal




Banana Bread


Lemon Poppy Seed




Halifax Business Award

Our Participants are saying...

"My experience at Stone Hearth is very good because they teach you the skills you need to work in a regular job. I have done many different jobs in this place and as an employee at Stone Hearth I have experienced lots of things. Most of all my time here has been lots of fun it also has its ups and downs as well but everybody gets along.

The place as a whole is a training facility which means a whole lot to different people and for all walks of life. Without this program me and many others would not have the opportunity to get the experience we need to enable themselves to employment.

They in part are helpful in certain parts of the activity within the training facility. In conclusion I would hope that the skill I learned here will provide the training I need."

Shelly, Stone Hearth Participant

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